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The sustainable electric bike

The sustainable electric bike

Simple · Sleek · Crafted in France

  • Weight 18.5 kg
  • Assistance On-board AI
  • Antitheft GPS tracking
  • Range 60 km

Say hello to Eclair

The sleek and user-friendly urban e-bike built more responsibly.

Special pre-order price €2,990

Easy-to-use e-bike with intuitive steering
for a smooth and confident ride

Discover Eclair
  • A single assistance mode that adapts continuously thanks to on-board AI.
  • Single-speed belt transmission.
  • Simplified interface without a screen or controls.
  • Dashboard available via the Eclair application.

Iconic style


The design is intended to be minimal, timeless, and calligraphic, with treatment of the finest possible line, as close as possible to the mechanical constraints and internal technical components. This approach aims to optimize the material and energy necessary for manufacturing the frame, in line with the ecological values carried by the Eclair brand.

This calligraphic treatment also results in a certain roundness in the design of the nodes connecting the tubes; these junctions thus let us read a more fluid silhouette and realize that the design of the frame is expressed almost in a single stroke. Eventually, we obtain a beautiful object, with ideal proportions, visually light, with an identity and resolutely urban design.


Serge Rusak, Designer of Eclair.

An e-bike truly made in France

With Eclair, we have chosen to take up the challenge of the made-in-France electric bike. We thus support the French cycle sector and promote employment in France.

We also defend the best social and environmental standards while limiting the carbon footprint linked to production.

Another production model with eco-designed
and easy-to-maintain bikes

A reduced carbon footprint

Our frames are made from aeronautical quality chromoly steel and low carbon aluminum to limit their environmental impact.

Eco-responsible battery

Thanks to patented technology, the French batteries of our bikes can be dismantled and are easy to recondition or recycle.

E-bikes built to last

By favoring robust solutions and quality components, mainly manufactured in France or Europe, we design bikes that last and are easy to maintain.