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Eclair electric bike

The city is yours

Rediscover the city and the freedom to move around on an agile and lightweight e-bike with intuitive control. By choosing Eclair, you also defend another way of producing, more respectful of our planet and socially committed.

Assistance that adapts
continuously thanks to eBikeOS


Eclair is one of the very first electric bikes equipped with eBikeOS.

Developed in France, this software integrates artificial intelligence capable of adjusting the electric assistance to slope, wind, and weight in real-time.

Thanks to the Auto Mode function, Eclair continuously monitors parameters such as speed, resistive force, pedaling torque, and cadence to deliver optimal assistance.

With Instant Response, Eclair analyzes each start, stop, or pedal stroke, so within a few milliseconds, the assistance is triggered, fades out, or blends with your pedaling effort. Your bike becomes an extension of yourself, with the feeling of having superpowers.

Finally, the Hill Start Assist function automatically detects any stop on a hill. It is then possible to instantly release the motor’s maximum power for a comfortable start, even on the steepest slopes.

Riding Eclair, gears become superfluous, battery life is optimized, and pedaling feels seamless and smooth in all circumstances.


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Eco-designed frame
made in France

Vue du cadre Eclair

The Eclair frame is a concentrate of the best French know-how in metalworking.

With its aircraft-grade chromoly steel tubes and low-carbon aluminum junctions, it emits less CO₂ during manufacturing while offering a longer lifespan and flexibility specific to a steel frame. Thus, Eclair filters and better absorbs the roughness of the road for more comfort.

  • 4x less CO2 than a standard aluminum frame
  • 100% Made in France 🇫🇷

Removable and sustainable battery


Thanks to patented solderless assembly technology, the Eclair battery, designed and manufactured in France, can be dismantled and is easy to repair, recycle, or recondition, with the possibility of individual replacement of each cell.

After several years of intensive use, it will be possible to produce a refreshed battery by replacing the old cells with new ones at a fraction of the cost of a new battery.

Finally, with a weight of only 2.5 kg, the Eclair battery is removable for better protection against theft and easier recharging.

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belt transmission

For simple and intuitive operation, Eclair is equipped with a single-speed transmission. No more cables, housings, controls, and derailleurs! For your safety, you can concentrate on riding and your surroundings.

Eclair is also equipped with a belt, quieter, and offering a longer lifespan. You no longer have a chain to lubricate, and your e-bike becomes easy to maintain.

Vue de la transmission d'Eclair
  • 20,000 km Belt lifespan
  • 2.75 Gear ratio

Responsive and high-performance engine


Eclair unleashes smooth power and delivers more riding pleasure by integrating a 45 Nm motor in the rear hub and a dual-sided torque sensor in the crankset.

The power is transmitted directly to the rear wheel without going through the transmission. Thanks to the torque sensor and the artificial intelligence of eBikeOS, this configuration offers more responsive and efficient assistance, with riding pleasure increased by the motor’s thrust.

With a motor independent of the transmission, the gear ratio does not affect the torque. And unlike central motors, this choice reduces wear on the transmission, which is less stressed. Finally, with a rear hub motor, we avoid interfaces specific to mid-drive motors and fight against planned obsolescence for a more durable Eclair frame.

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Explore the city peacefully thanks to the Eclair application

The Eclair application is the ideal partner for Eclair. You remain permanently connected to your bike for more peace of mind and enhanced experience.

Thanks to the application, you access numerous functions to protect your Eclair against theft: GPS tracking of your e-bike in real-time, locking or unlocking of the bike, alert notifications in the event of suspicious movement, activation or deactivation of the alarm, or even cut-off of the electrical assistance.

You also have real-time information on your battery charge level and the associated autonomy. You access statistics and the history of your journeys.

Via the application, we will share personalized advice for maintaining your bike. We will send you maintenance reminders to keep your Eclair in optimal safety and operating condition.

Attach your phone to the Eclair stem and select your preferred navigation service directly in the application to explore the city.

The icing on the cake: it will be possible to make over-the-air updates to the software of your Eclair electric bike. And we are already working on new features.

The application will be available soon on iOS and Android.
Free for the first year, then subscribe at €69 per year.

And so much more…

Agile and light

Agile and light

Since raw materials account for most of a bike’s environmental footprint, we focused on achieving a lightweight design of just 18.5 kg, thanks to component optimization and a streamlined build.

Hydraulic disc brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes

Eclair is equipped with high-performance hydraulic disc brakes for safe and efficient braking, whatever the weather conditions.

Neat finish

Neat finish

With integrated components and solderless frame assembly, Eclair will satisfy the most demanding with excellent perceived quality and careful finishing down to the smallest detail.

Brake light function

Brake light function

In the event of heavy braking, the Eclair rear light flashes to signal your stop to vehicles following you.

Wide puncture-proof tires

Wide puncture-proof tires

Eclair comes with 50 mm wide tires for greater comfort. These tires, optimized for e-bikes, also have a nylon textile layer for optimal protection against punctures.

Reflective sidewalls

Reflective sidewalls

Eclair tires also have reflective sidewalls for greater visibility at night.

Standard components

Standard components

Eclair has a limited number of proprietary parts, and most components, rigorously selected for their quality and reliability, are widely available in workshops.

Eco-responsible saddle and grips

Eco-responsible saddle and grips

We prioritize components with a low environmental impact whenever possible. For example, the Eclair saddle is crafted from recycled plastic, and its ergonomic grips are made from a bio-sourced material.

Active ride position

Active ride position

While maintaining a comfortable posture, Eclair’s active ride position, slightly forward-leaning, puts you in control for responsive steering and agile handling in your urban adventures.

Reduced maintenance. Lower footprint

Reduced maintenance. Lower footprint

Eclair boasts a long-lasting belt that outlasts chains three times and hydraulic disc brakes with mineral oil. Wearing parts are thus limited to tires and brake pads for controlled maintenance costs and a limited environmental impact throughout your e-bike’s life cycle.

Modular design

Modular design

Say goodbye to e-bike obsolescence! Eclair embraces a modular design philosophy, making repairs, reconditioning, and future upgrades a breeze. Your Eclair will remain your loyal companion for years, adapting to your needs and maximizing its lifespan.


The component references are given for information purposes only and are subject to change.


PYMCO | 10 Ah | 360 Wh | 21700 lithium-ion cells | Removable | 2.5 kg.


Ananda | 45 Nm | 36 V | 250 W | Integrated into the rear hub.


eBikeOS by eBikeLabs | Single assistance mode adapting in real-time to slope, weight, and wind.

Assist speed

Up to 25 km/h, following regulations.


60 to 80 km, depending on conditions of use.


36 V | 4 A | Full battery recharge in 2h30.


Eclair | Chromoly steel 25CrMo4 and low carbon aluminium AlSi7Mg0.6.


Eclair | Aluminium 6061 | Ø12mm thru-axle.


Mach1 | 584x23C | 27.5″ | Aluminium 6063 T6 | Double-wall with eyelets.


Continental Contact Urban | 50-584, 27.5″ | SafetyPro puncture protection | Reflective sidewalls.


Gates Carbon Drive | Single-speed with carbon belt | 55-tooth front and 20-tooth rear sprockets | 170 mm cranks.


Shimano | Flat mount hydraulic disc brakes | Levers BL-MT201 | Calipers BR-UR300 | 160 mm discs.


Selle Royal Essenza Athletic | Recycled plastic.


Satori Viper | Integrated SP Connect compatible phone holder.


ACROS | Integrated IS52/28.6 – IS52/40.


LightSKIN | Aluminium 6061 T6 with integrated lighting | Width: 620 mm.


Herrmans | Nucore Tour ergonomic grips | Bio-sourced plastic | Width: 130 mm.


VP | Platform with non-slip coating | Integrated reflectors.

Front lighting

LightSKIN | LED 150 lm | Complies with German StVZO standard.

Rear lighting

Spanninga | Pimento, COB LED, 5 cd | Complies with German StVZO standard.


A Saddle height (min/max) 883/1076 mm
B Seat tube length 541 mm
C Top tube length 592 mm
D Head tube angle 71.5°
E Seat tube angle 70°
F Chainstay length 439 mm
G Wheelbase 1052 mm
H Stack 571 mm
I Reach 400 mm
J Standover 753 mm
K Rim diameter 27.5″ – 584 mm

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