Eclair, the sustainable e-bike.



Crafted in


With Eclair, rediscover the city and the freedom to move around.

We will soon launch our electric bike.


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For healthy, enjoyable, and sustainable city life.


We believe in a different urban mobility, more adapted to today’s cities, and more respectful of our planet.

Ease of use first.


We believe an e-bike must first be agile, light, and easy to use for more riding pleasure and intuitive steering, a safety guarantee.

Sustainable e-bikes.


Above all, we defend another production model with eco-designed e-bikes made in France.

Reduced carbon footprint.

Our frames are made of aircraft-grade chromoly steel and low-carbon aluminium to limit their environmental impact.

E-bikes built to last.

By choosing robust solutions and quality components, mainly manufactured in Europe, we design bikes that last and are easy to maintain.

Eco-friendly batteries.

Thanks to patented technology, the French batteries of our e-bikes are removable and easy to recondition or recycle.